Veneer Broke in Half and One Piece is Still Glued On? (photo)

My veneer broke in half. The dentist glued both pieces back on wrong! I went back the next day and he told me I was making a big deal out of nothing and go home and forget about it. WHen I got home the veneer broke off again, now leaving one piece in place. How can I weaken the bond so I can remove the rest ? Can i easliy have this replaced ? What are my options if I want something temporary for now ? Im very worried. Thanks so much!

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Veneer broke in half, what shoud I do

From the picture you have provided it appears that you would need a full coverage crown placed.  The veneer needs to be removed and then reprepared for full coverage.  Not that big of deal


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Repairing a broken veneer

Porcelain is strongest when in one piece. Once it breaks, the likelihood of  it breaking again is very high. Bonding it back on is only a temporary fix and unless you wish to revisit the same problem over and over again it would be a good idea to return to tyour dentist to have him remake it- a full coverage crown looks to be your best option in this situation.

Neil Elman, DDS
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Porcelain veneer broken

I too think you will need a full coverage crown. This never should have been attempted to be rebonded. In the interim you can have dental bonding to cover the tooth. Can last quite awhile depending on usage.

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You need a crown

In my opinion, porcelain veneers can never be glued if they break in half, always a new piece must be done. After looking at your pictures, you must definitely need a crown and please do not try to remove the remains of that veneer yourself. Search for a dentist that can do it, you can also get a temporary tooth for no more than 6-9 months and then you will need a crown.

Don't worry about the broken restoration

First of all don't worry, this can be fixed.Judging from the pictures it looks like this porcelain restoration covers both the front and back of your tooth.  It is going to need a crown as a replacement.  Unfortunately if you go to another dentist you will have to pay to have the replacement done.  If finances is an issue right now you could buy some time with a temporary crown and do the final replacement in time.  (When I say temporary crown I am thinking in the range of 6 months to 1 year or less).

Don't try to remove the rest by yourself.  Let a professional do that.  I wouldn't want to see you damage your tooth.

Good luck!

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Veneer Broke in Half

See a dentist who can easily drill off the rest of the venner. You probably will probablyeed a full crown replacement.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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