Pain in Only One Corner of Porcelain Veneer?

I experience pain when push gently on the upper right corner of a veneered tooth right next to the gum line ( I only get this pain on this corner and no other point of the the tooth even if pressure is applied). I'm really scared, what could this possibly be? Cement stuck there, air bubble or unsealed tooth? Will I have to replace the entire veneer?

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I just wanted to let you know that it might be help the doctors give you the best answer if you were to add some more detail about the pain you are experiencing.

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Pain around Veneer

In the situations when the pain appears after cementation of the veneer it can be associated eather with lack of cement or cement irritation of the gum. In both cases you should be consulted with your dentist.

Pain in One Corner of Veneer

If you are having pain from your tooth that has a veneer, you should have a dentist look at the veneer and tooth to see why.  It could be that one corner of the veneer is not fully sealed to the tooth.

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