My Dentist Does Not Recommend Veneers Because I Grind my Teeth? (photo)

Do I need to consult with a cosmetic dentist or is there any way around getting veneers and protecting from future grinding? My teeth are small.

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Veneers and grinding

Grinding or bruxism is a very common condition in adults over 35 causing attrition, trauma and fractures of the teeth. The reconstruction of the teeth with attrition depends on the degree of damage of the enamel. In order to completely define the treatment the proper diagnostic step with final wax-up should be performed. The consult with a specialist or cosmetic dentist will help you in your decision.


Bruxism, Grinding Teeth, Prosthodontist.

It is very difficult to diagnose your situation without a proper examination. The specialist in this area is called a prosthodontist. You can easily locate one near you. Any extensive dental restorations, especially in people who grind present special challenges. The prosthodontist has the proper training to help you.

Zev Kaufman, DDS
New York Prosthodontist

Would suggest consult with cosmetic or specially trained dentist

Some dentists recommend not to have veneers put on if you're a grinder because if the actual teeth are being worn, then that means that the veneers would also suffer damage- whether they become worn or even popped off. Some dentists, such as myself, go through specialized training considered neuromuscular dentistry to where they can use TENS units to get the bite where it should be (this has to do with the way the muscles, joints, and bones fit together), then veneers can be placed without being popped off by past grinding habits. You could even consult with a specially trained orthodontist to align your teeth in the right position (to make a larger space between the front top and bottom teeth) so then veneers can be placed. I hope you found this answer helpful, if you would like information on a specially trained dentist who could talk to you more about this, try looking on the Las Vegas Institute website for a dentist in your area.


James Powell, DDS
Lancaster Dentist

Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Grinding

I am so glad you asked this question. Esthetic Dentistry should be approached the same as all dentistry. If you are grinding your teeth, the reason for the grinding should be discovered and treated first. After that the Veneers can be successfully placed. There are rare exceptions such as extreme hyperactivity and Central Nervous System Bruxing that cannot be treated by a dentist. Find a qualified dentist with a Complete Diagnostic Approach to Dental Care and get the smile you have always wanted.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist
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No Veeners with Grinding or Bruxism

Your dentist is correct.  If you grind your teeth, you are wearing them down . This will happen to your expensive veneers as well!  Until you solve your problem, which is grinding, and find the reason you are doing this, whether it be anxiety, stress, or your bite and you are  trying to adjust it by grinding or it has become a need to eliminate this problem.  Most dentists can diagnosis if your bite is off and correct it with a bite guard, the best bite disculder or an NTI Bite Guard.  Some dentists use botox injections to relax masseter muscles and  often, with this treatment, it helps retrain the correct facial muscles and your grinding stops. But you MUST take care of your bite, and then have your dentist do the veneers so you will be happy with your smile!  Good luck!~

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist
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