My 2 Front Teeth Are Veneers. Will a Wax Up Be Made As a Temporary Veneer?

I do not know how to submit pictures on a computer. I was just wanting to know if a temporary acrylic veneer would be made for the one front tooth veneer that I broke?? Thank You

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Yes a temporary should be made

The way I address this problem is to place a temporary bonding material on the tooth to cover the broken part of the veneer, then take an impression of it to use as a mold for the acrylic temporary veneer after the rest of the broken veneer is removed.  A wax up can also be done but that would take longer as the wax up is usually fabricated by the dental lab which can take a week or two to have ready.

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Temporary veneer to fix a broken veneer

When it comes to the front teeth, is very important to have a wax up made to make your new beautiful temporaries. You will not walk around with a broken tooth, and everything is done in the chair. It is an easy procedure and painless, yor new porcelain veneers will look great ans so will your temporaries.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
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Will I get a Temporary to replace a Broken Veneer

Yes, we always provide as good a looking acrylic temporary as possible for any veneer procedure, as would most good cosmetic dentists.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
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