Can Veneers Be Placed over Loose Teeth?

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Can Veneers Be Placed over Loose Teeth?

It depends on how loose the teeth are and why they are loose.  Some causes, such as the need for a bite adjustment, are potentially reversible.  Other causes, such as severe bone loss, are not reversible and the teeth may have a limited life expectancy.  If the teeth are not healthy, then it would not be advisable to consider veneers.

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Veneers over loose teeth?

Veneers should not be placed over loose teeth.  It is not healthy for a tooth to be loose.  It could mean that you have periodontal disease and bone loss.  With proper periodontal treatment, however, your teeth could tightned up, and then you very well may be a candidate for veneers. 

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Treatment of loose teeth

If your tooth is loose, the first and most important concern is to treat the underlying cause of your loose tooth.  Did your tooth become loose following trauma?  If so, a splint should be put on your tooth to stabilize it before getting veneers.  Otherwise, it may be due to periodontal bone and gum disease, or an oral pathology.  A history of the tooth and exam and x-rays are needed.  Decay should be cleaned out, but a veneer or crown should not be placed on a tooth that has a poor or questionable prognosis.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

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Yes of course but,,,,,

Why are the teeth loose? If they have had previous bone loss but are now healthy then it can be done safely. If the teeth are loose because of active gum disease then no would be the best answer..Fix all gum issues before cosmetic work..

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Veneers over loose teeth

The short answer is yes with a big HOWEVER.  It depends on how loose and why they are loose.

You should have the loose teeth evaluated by a periodontist (gum specialist) to assess the reason for the loosening, the treatment to either reduce or stop any disease process ,and the long term prognosis.

If the long term prognosis is poor then I would NOT recommend you invest time and money to make those teeth look better with veneers, since they may be lost. If the long term prognosis it good, then go for it.

Loose teeth are usually a result of periodontal disease which caused bone loss around those teeth. There may also be a contributing bite factor. This needs to be treated prior to any cosmetic work. In some cases the teeth can be splinted totheger from the back to give them added support.

Hope this helps

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Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Mobility

Theoretically they surely can be placed, but realistically the mobility of the teeth has to be addressed. The severity of mobility will define the prognosis of the teeth. There are multiple reasons for teeth mobility, but so far  bone loss due to periodontal disease is the leading cause. The careful and precise examination and periodontal evaluation has to be performed prior to any decision making, and consult with the specialist will be very helpful to define the options with treatment. 

Loose teeth and Veneers

It would be important to define what you mean by "loose teeth".  Slightly mobile and always have been or highly mobile. There may be a disease process present that should be addressed prior to cosmetic dentistry of any kind. Please seek professional help to determine how to stabilize the loose teeth first. Good luck.

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Can Veneers Be Placed over Loose Teeth?

The answer in most circumstances is no. However, I have seen situations where creating a precisely balanced bite pattern can actually tighten up teeth (which an above-average set of veneers can do).

Loose teeth is usually a significant warning sign that there are problems that need to be addressed first. However there is no reason why the solution can't also include a very aesthetic result.

I would make sure to visit a cosmetic dentist who also is very comfortable with complex bite issues. 

Veneers over loose teeth

It sounds from the brief description that you may have periodontal disease since you mentioned that your teeth are loose.  Unfortunately you are not a candidate for veneers.  I would consult a dentist to see what your options are.  Good luck

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