Will Porcelain Veneers Be a Solution for an over Jet or over Bite?

Will this be an option so that a person can avoid the time spent with braces? 

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Overbites are best handled with orthodontics

Overjet/overbite is sometimes confused, as "some" is normal and needed.  If you have a minor amount of each, then veneers can be a great solution.

A large overbite really can't be changed much with just veneers, and to get a dramatic change would normally require treatment along the lines of a full reconstruction of all the teeth.  This may be overkill.

The advantages/disadvantages of veneers are the same as crowns, so if one is an option, so is the other.

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Generally porcelain veneers correct esthetic issues not bite issues.

Porcelain veneers correct color, shape, and alignment but do not really fix over-bite or over-jet. (only minimal) You would need invisalign or braces to correct this.

Over-jet is the horizontal space between the upper and lower teeth when you are in full normal bite. In other words, when you bite together, the space you feel with your finger between the upper and lower front teeth. So this is a horizontal overlap of upper and lower front teeth.

Over-bite is how much the upper teeth overlap over the lower teeth in full normal bite. So this is a vertical overlap of upper and lower front teeth.

With this in mind, veneers generally make teeth slightly longer and/or thicker depending on what the person needs, so this would make over-bite and over-jet slightly larger (increase in both) but not significantly.

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Overjet correction

veneers may not be the best option to radically fix a large over jet or over bite. This is due to the amount of reduction necessary to prep the teeth into the correct position and the amount of enamel or dentin that is exposed. Crowns may be a better long term solution but the amount of info provided is insufficient to make a correct diagnosis for your problems. Age is another thing to consider. Are you fairly young and will you have to do the procedure multiple times in your life time?

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Veneers can fix a lot of problems cosmetically but...

You may want to do a few months of Invisalign first to reduce overbite and overjet then move into veneers. It could make your teeth last longer and give you a better cosmetic result..

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