Veneer on Canine Teeth? (photo)

I have very good teeth, they are straight and white; but my canines are too pointy, and too small in my opinion. Would it be worth it/risky to get veneers put on my canines?

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Veneer on Canine Teeth? (photo)

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When you see something you don't like in your smile, it will just keep bothering you, so you are on the right track to consider your options.

Make sure to visit with an experienced cosmetic dentist. He can give you your real choices and options.

Judging from your photo, I think you could be fine with something very simple: aesthetic recontouring and some bonding. This is very mild for your tooth and could give you just the look you're after.

At this point, unless you are REALLY frustrated with your smile, I'd avoid a veneer, because I think that's too much treatment there. Bonding is less invasive.


A good cosmetic dentist will put you at ease with the process and make sure you are comfortable about what to expect.

Veneers on pointy, but healthy, canines is like putting out a match with a firehose!

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Based on your photo, your canines may be slightly pointy, but well within normal healthy limits. I would recommend a little cosmetic recontouring or maybe a little bonding if the incisal embrasures (the space on each side of the points) bothers you. Besides the cost, placing veneers would involve preparation (filing) of healthy tooth structure to insure your proper bite is maintained. This over-treatment could be compared to putting a match out with a firehose,

Veneers. canines.

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Do nothing! You have a beautiful smile and your canines ARE properly shaped. Any dental work has to be replaced after a while, and sometimes creating more work. Why mess with perfection?

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Veneer on Canine

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I would NOT recommend a Veneer. Rather, have your cosmetic dentist do some enamel-plasty (contouring) along with some bonding, to give you exactly what you want.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Enamel contouring helps a lot

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Quite often it isn't needed to do a full veneer on a tooth when it is just a little long or pointed.  Enameloplasty, or enamel contouring, is often all that is needed.


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NO.  Absolutely not.  Putting  Veneers on those beautiful canines would not be my first choice.  Cosmetic recountouring would be my first choice. if that was not sufficient, maybe a mimnimal prep veneer would be in order.

Jean D. Morency, DMD
Houston Dentist

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