Will my Dentist Replace These Veneers for Free? (photo)

Two weeks ago I had two new veneers fitted to my two middle upper. I'm not at all happy with the colour, as I was hoping they would match the teeth beside them. They don't and seem to stand out due to this. They match other teeth in my mouth (to an extent), yet not the two directly beside them, which makes them stand out for all the wrong reasons in my eyes. I'm also planning on getting the other teeth whitened so they will stand out even more. Do you think my dentist will replace them for free?

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Porcelain Veneers and Shade Matching

As you can see from the other dentists responses, there are many variables to consider when answering this question.  The best thing to do is to go talk to your dentist, for all you know he may agree with you and want to replace them. 


We have no idea of the caliber of your dentists skills are and his level of cosmetic training. Matching central incisors is a challenge, however, it can certainly be done.  As for whitening, this should be done prior to veneers.


Once again, the best place to start is to have a conversation with your dentist.

Good luck


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Unhappy with anterior veneers

The sequence of preparation before doing the anterior veneers usually contains careful prophy-cleaning, teeth whitening and approximately 3-4 weeks later, when the color is stable- the teeth are prepared for veneers. Before any crown or veneer is cemented it should be approved by the patient. Otherwise it goes back to the lab. We never deliver anything for the patient if he is not happy. Try to talk to your dentist and resolve this issue. 

Will my dentist replace veneers for free

The big issue for me is what was done at the insert appointment.  Did you see the veneers before they we cemented, did you approve them before they were bonded into place.  Did you discuss whitening your teeth beforehand since that is more ideal to match after whitening.  I would speak to your dentist about your concerns and see what they have to say.  I do not like a patient to leave unhappy so good luck

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Three reasons your dentist may not replace your veneers for free, and, if not, why he/she should!.

1. Your dentist did a proper try-in (with a try in paste in the shade of the cement), showed you them for your approval prior to permanently inserting and cementing the veneers in place.

2. Your dentist did the best he could to match the adjacent teeth and you were informed of the difficulty of an exact shade match. (matching two front teeth to other natural teeth can be difficult to accomplish).

3. Your dentist performed the treatment properly and the veneers are structurally sound with good marginal integrity.


If any of the above did NOT occur, and it does appear that the 2 front veneers in the photo are more yellow matching the canines (eye teeth) instead of the lateral incisors (side of the front teeth), I believe your dentist should remake the two front veneers in a lighter shade. My final advice is to have a good "heart to heart" with your dentist about this. I have been placing porcelain laminate veneers since 1983 and a shade problem such as yours can emerge during insertion that requires a remake.occasionally. 


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Will My Dentist Replace These Veneers for Free?

Did you approve the color in a try-in session before final bonding? Did the dentist explain to you that it is very difficult to have 2 front Veneers match perfectly with the adjacent teeth? How much did it cost you? If you paid the fee of a high-end cosmetic dentist that uses a precision Ceramic laboratory, then he should replace it until you are BOTH happy with the results. If you paid "bargain rates", then as long as it is a structurally sound restoration, "you get what you paid for".

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