What Can Be Done to Remove Dark-colored Staining Between a Porcelain Veneer and the Gum Line?

Since getting porcelain veneers, I have been getting blackish/dark-colored stains on the area between the gum line and the veneer. My hygienist cannot even fully remove them. She says they are most likely red wine, tea, and coffee stains. Is there anything that can be done to reverse this staining?

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Dark line around veneers

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The so called stain around veneers can be most likely associated with improper cementation of the veneers, lack of the cement in this areas and possibly starting decay. You should check what can be done to improve the aesthetic results with the dentist who performed this work. 

Dark like around veneers is most likely due to improper fit and/or bonding

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Properly fitting and bonded veneers should not stain at the gumline, even if you drink a lot of coffee, tea, and red wine. You could try to clean out those areas by smoothing and polishing and if needed filling in the areas with resin. This would help it look better but the real question is: is the same problem existing in between the teeth where you can't see it? Long term, this problem can cause leakage and decay (cavities) around the veneers which will lead to damage to your teeth. You may end up with full crowns or even root canals.

I would look into having them replaced and done properly.


Good luck


Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

Marisa...this should not have happened!

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Hi Marisa...I am so sorry about the staining along the gumline on your veneers.  They were probably not placed correctly. The veneer must be placed, without any space, between the enamel of the tooth and the gumline. If there is a ledge or it is not totally smooth, there is a chance that the bonding was not done correctly and consequently, you have staining. You can have the dentist place composite bonding in that area and it will help, but i am sorry to hear the veneers were not placed properly!  Your only other option is to have them redone and done  correctly. If your dentist can not do them. I would seek out a good cosmetic dentist in your area and see at least two for consultations before you decide which avenue you want to take.  Make sure you are happy with your veneers since you will have them for awhile! 

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

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Staining at Margin of Veneer

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Probably a small defect between the edge of the veneer and the margin of the tooth.  This area could most likely be airbrushed to remove stain, reetched and sealed with a matching composite resin.  This should eliminate or greatly lesses the frequency and severity of the staining.

Dark Colored Staining Between Porcelain Veneer and Gum Line

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Hard to diagnose without seeing a photo, but it MIGHT be a rough, incompletely bonded margin of the veneer. Veneer margin should be flush with the tooth's enamel, without any ledge nor gap. Ledges and gaps will tend to stain.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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