Is My Front Veneer Chipped in the Bottom Corner? (photo)

Almost 2 weeks ago my venner broke in 2 and I still have not found someone to fix it .But yesterday I noticed the front veneer looks like a piece was chipped off in the corner. Im sick with worry. Can you please tell me if this is chipped or was it made this way ? Also these are wrap around half my tooth veneers so is it safe to leave it alone ? Is this dangerous ? I just dont know what to do I feel like crying , because I still have not even fixed the broken one..Thanks so much for helping me.

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Chip of porcelain veneer

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Most likely the corner of the central tooth is slightly chipped and it can be easily repolished to ideal contour. However, the canine has more problems with half chipped veneer and decay around. That should be a center of your attention. 

Oops! You could have a chipped veneer.

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The corner of your upper left veneer appears to have a minor chip which may simply be polished or recontoured. However, this minor problem can be compared to "catching flies while the elephants run by" and the "elephant" in your case is the gross fracture of the upper left canine veneer that appears to have decay based on the photo you submitted,

Your Front Veneer Might Be Chipped in Corner

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The corner you have circled, does not look exactly like the same corner of the adjacent tooth. It might have been made like that, or it might have a very slight chip which can be polished and rounded very easily by your dentist. The more URGENT issue is the tooth with the missing half. That should be dealt with immediately before the underlying tooth decays and/or shifts in position.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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