Are These Veins on my Forehead and Can They Be Treated? Can the Veins Below my Eye Be Removed? (photo)

I felt a pinching pain below my left eye and looked and there was this vein. A day later I noticed these darkened streaks on my forehead, are these veins? The one further up on my forehead is actually indented. The others are partially indented. Meaning that about half of the streak is indented then the rest has smooth skin over the darkened area. Why did these suddenly show up like this? Can they be treated?

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Forehead varicose veins and facial telangiectasias - Buffalo Niagara NY

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Thank you for providing the two pictures.

Picture 1 shows small varicose veins of the temple/forehead.

Picture 2 shows telangiectasias on the maxilla. 

Telangiectasias can be treated with long pulse lasers or IPL.

The temple/forehead veins can be treated with laser or sclerotherapy. 

Treating facial veins with IPLs or by injection

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Veins of the face are often treated using IPL (Intense Pulse Light) lasers.  They direct heat to the hemoglobin in the vein that holds the iron so they "blast" it away.  Larger veins can be injected with hypertonic saline with success.

James Carraway, MD
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

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