Best Treatment for Red Veins on Eyelids and Undereyes?

I have tiny red veins and the odd blue vein under my eyes in the bag region and also all over my eyelids. How can these be treated? Their presence makes me look like I have panda eyes! Any ideas? Also are there any topicals that actually work?

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Eyelid veins and telangiectasias - Buffalo Niagara, NY

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These are fairly common problems in the lower eyelids and undereyes and in the upper eyelids and depending on their size (telangiectasiasa or varicose veins), can be treated with a number of different modalities, all of which should be in the armamentarium of the treating physician. 

In our laser office, we use sclerotherapy on the larger veins, ohmic thermolysis in some cases, RF treatment in others, lasers in most and microphlebectomy in the largest ones. 

Best Treatment for Red Veins on Eyelids and Undereyes

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Thank you for your question. Topical creams containing Vitamin K are an option for the small red veins, but challenging to fully treat. Veins in this area are more difficult to treat here due to their high risk.  I recommend seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist or Oculoplastic/Ophthalmologist to see you and treat these higher risk veins.  I hope this helps.

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