What is a Vascular Scar?

I would like to know, what is a vascular scar like.

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Vascular Scar Description

A vascular scar is one that is quite red appearing due to numerous blood vessels at or just below the surface of the scar. This description is reserved for mature scars, that are at least 12 months old.

Seattle Otolaryngologist

Vascular scar

during wound healing excessive vessel formation may lead to a scar that is red in color and will turn white when you press on it.

Many lasers available to treat this.




Dr. malouf

Peter Malouf, DO
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What is a Vascular Scar?

Hi cosmetic.  A vascular scar is one that appears reddish in color.  It appears this way because blood vessels are very near the surface of the skin.

We typically treat this type of scar with a pulsed dye laser, like the Cynosure V-Star.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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