Los Angeles Doctor Recommendations for Keloid Removal via Radiation, and Cost?

This Year I Had my 4th Surgery Trying to Remove a Keloid in my Earlobe and It's Back Again. Looking for a doctor that uses radiation to cure the keloid after surgery! Please help!... I'm from los Angeles ca, and how much would it cost?

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Keloids of the earlobes in Los Angeles

I have a very low recurrence rate with keloids in my practice.  Earlobe keloids require surgery in most cases, followed by at least 6 months of follow up care to prevent recurrence. 

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Scar Treatment: Common Questions

Treatment of Keloid tissue is a challenging problem. The two main treatments for the overproduction of collagen, resulting in hypertrophic and keloid scar, are steroid injections and pressure. Neither involve ionizing radiation and the inherent risks of DNA damage. However, radiation therapy has been used with success in the treatment of Keloid tissue on the earlobe, but so has serial banding. Serial banding does not require radiation, uses constant pressure to reduce scarring, and has good cosmetic results in Keloid producing patients. Just another option in your journey.

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Keloids and Irradiation

See Dr. Shay Dean (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon).  Practice name is Dean Plastic Surgery.He is very well trained and can lay out the pros and cons of all keloid treatment possibilities.

LA Surgeon for your keloids

I would recommend you meet with Dr Edgar Fincher of Moy Fincher dermatology to discuss how to best treat your keloids. There are other options rather than radiation that should be effective and safer than using radiation.

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Keloid Removal with Radiation

It is very important that the radiation be timed in advance so that it follows excision by less than 24 hours so i always schedule the two way in advance.  you need 5 days of low cycle radiation immediately following the procedure to get the good results.  i specialize in keloids and radiation treatments and it is important to get everything surgically done right and timed with radiation.  if you do not follow the above sequence, your success goes from 95% to below 30%.


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