Fair skin brachioplasty?

I have had tummy tuck and breast reduction surgeries. All of these scars are now only a white line. I am a red head with very fair skin and I have heard that this is the reason my scars have healed so well. I would like to undergo brachioplasty, but I've heard of and seen such bad scars. In your experience, do brachioplasty scars on red heads fade as well as on their other body parts, or will brachioplasty scars still be worse than on other fair skin body parts?

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Brachioplasty scar

Interest in brachioplasty surgery continues to grow!  That being said, it has more scar burden than the other two surgeries you've had.  For one thing, the brachioplasty scar is in a more visible place than tummy tuck or breast reduction scars.  The tummy tuck scar can be hidden under a two piece swimsuit or some types of bikini swimsuits.  The most common reason to seek brachioplasty surgery is to resume wearing short sleeved or sleeveless outfits. Thus, the scar will be in plain sight, even as it is on the underside of the arm. That trade off is acceptable to those interested in the significant improvement in the appearance of their arms.  There is no way to predict the outcome of your brachioplasty scar.  As a red head with fair skin, with tension free closure,  wearing your compression garment until instructed by your PS, and commitment to sun protection, you have the best chance of an acceptable scar. Luckily, you are already an expert on what to expect following cosmetic surgery;) Best Wishes, PCH

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Brachioplasty scars

Brachioplasty scars can be a little different than scars on other parts of the body. A tension free closure on a safe excision surgery for an arm lift is important for scar formation. Light skinned individuals also benefit from sunscreen and keeping the scar shielded from sunlight as it heals. That being said, different surgeons place the scars on different parts of the arm. Best, MMT

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Appearance of Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Scars in Redheads?

It is never wise to generalize in life and especially in Medicine, but here we go,
Redheads are normally classified as Fitzpatrick Class I skin which usually heals without raised scars.
The appearance of Brachioplasty scars depends on YOUR skin type, your genes and your surgeon's skills. If the Brachioplasty scar is closed under tension or you smoke the scar WILL widen or even bust open. If the scar is closed with minimal tension and you follow all of the surgeon's instructions, it will heal perfectly nicely.
In my experience, )here comes the generalization...), Fitzpatrick I skin (i.e. Redheads) heal beautifully as long as they use sun blocks and do not smoke. This is seen with Facelifts, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts, Tummy Tick, Butt Lifts and - yes - Arm Lifts.

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Brachioplasty Scar

You are not at risk for hypertrophic or pigmented scars, but you should definitely utilize tape therapy for one to three months after brachioplasty. This will ensure the best possible scar. 
Best of luck!

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