I'm 4 days post Upper Eyelid Surgery. They are puffy and yellow. How long until this subsides and I can go outside?

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Swelling after upper eyelid surgery

Hi. It is normal to still be swollen and bruised 4 days after the surgery. Resting head up, using ice for 5-10mins in the morning, Arnica and time will help things subside. Most people have returned to normal activities wearing sunglasses after 5-7 days, although it can take a few weeks for the surgery reaction to go completely.

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In 7 -10 days all should be good. You may want to use a topical arnica montana if ok with your doctor to make it go away faster. Good Luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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Recovery after upper eyelid surgery

It is not unusual to have some swelling present 4 days after upper blepharoplasty.  The yellow color you are seeing is most likely some bruising, which is also not uncommon to see after the procedure.  I would say in most cases, it would take about a week for the swelling and discoloration to improve to the point where you could go out.  It is possible it could take longer in some instances with more severe swelling and bruising.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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