Can I have veneers just to lengthen front teeth without filing? (photos)

I hate my short/small teeth. It makes me look at times like I have no teeth when talking. I would like to have veneers over my teeth, but would only want the first two the four due to cost. Is this possible? If so what's the best options as I'm hearing about different types of procedures.

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Veneers for short teeth #DrSoftTouch

Veneers are en excellent way to improve your smile. Your teeth appear to be short and flat as the result of grinding. If this is the case, veneering only 2-4 teeth would increase the risk of your veneers fracturing. See an experienced cosmetic dentist to have your bite evaluated and to determine your options. I hope this helps! Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

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if you do not like your teeth, you will need to do a makeover, Veneers are your best solution, 
they will be done the way you like, you can change shape, size and even color.
the amount if veneers you should get is at least 8 , uppers and 8 lowers, 
and if money is a issue, you should look at dental tourism, that can be great solution for you, you can have have great deals.


Veneers are a great way to improve your smile aesthetically. It's very easy to place veneers and make cosmetic improvements however the key is to always make sure your smile functions properly and the veneers last a long time. It appears as though your teeth may be short from grinding. If that is the case then it is not recommended to do just 2-4 veneers in the front or you risk fracturing. The broader picture would need to be addressed. If you do not grind and your teeth are just shorter naturally then placing veneers as per your question on the front 2-4 to lengthen is possible. That said, keep in mind that when you do 2-4, you are limited by the color shape and size of the adjacent teeth. Also no-prep veneers are not recommended. Very very few cases involve no filing. There is usually some recontouring and preparation involved with all cases. We'd need further photos, and exam and bite analysis to figure out your best option. Best of luck and follow us for more info! 

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You have a bilateral anterior crossbite.  It also looks like you grind, and have ground your teeth down. Without doing a complete exam, I cannot give you an exact answer.  If you have not lost vertical dimension of occlusion, you can do 4-6 veneers in the front, possibly correct your crossbite, and lengthen your teeth.  You can do composite veneers, which you will not have to "prep" the teeth, however, porcelain veneers is a much better option, but you will have to "prep" the teeth.  

If you have lost vertical dimension of occlusion, you will need to increase that prior to doing anything to your anterior teeth, otherwise you will break the restorations, and possibly your teeth.  

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Simple Veneers not the answer.

Lengthening the front teeth without addressing bite issues is probably not a good idea.  I would be evaluated by an orthodontist or Neuromuscular Dentist about correcting the jaw position and orthopedically growing the upper jaw. 

If you want the instant fix of veneers you will have to reduce and reshape lower teeth.  Breakage may be an issue.  

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best option for u is digital smile designing. this is one kind of veneer technique in which they increase length of the veneers.

about cost, best option for u is dental tourism. u will save huge amount on yr total costing. dental tourism is famous for veneers and other cosmetic procedures.

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