Third otoplasty revision. (photo)

I had a terrible result with an otoplasty 2 years ago where my ears were overcorrected and since then have undergone two revisions the last one being grafts of cartlidge taken from my rib and placed in the antihelical folds of both ears . My left ear is acceptable however the right ear still looks thick and is sticking out further out the then left. I was wondering if it was worth one last attempt to fix it or is the amount of scar tissue build up going to make this an almost impossible task.

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"The less you have to gain, the more you have to lose". Leave it alone. You have a very acceptable result and are more likely to "lose" with each subsequent revision.

Problems with ear correction

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I am sorry to hear of the trouble you have had with your ears, and the requirement to have revision surgery.Generally in plastic surgery, there is a law of diminishing returns when going back for more surgery - i.e. further surgery is less predictable, less straight forward and more risky with regards to outcome. 
From what I can see in the photograph, I would suggest leaving things now, as I think the ear has a normal appearance and I would question how much improvement further surgery could make.

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