Cost to remove bump on bridge of nose. (photo)

I live in the uk and would like the have the bump on the bridge of my nose removed. Would anyone be able to give me a rough price estimate? I wouldn't be willing to travel outside of the uk.

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Rhinoplasty to remove bump on bridge of nose Cost

Thank you for your question. You would initially need a clinical examination/consultation to assess the inside and outer structure of your nose. However, from your photos, it seems like a simple day case procedure and would cost around the region of £4,000. Just always be sure to research a Plastic Surgeon specialised in rhinoplasty.

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Closed rhinoplasty for dorsal reduction only will cost about $3000.

Not commenting on your specific case because of inadequate information a close rhinoplasty to reduce the dorsal bump would cost about $3000 including professional fee, anesthesia fee, and facility Fee.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Cost to remove bump on bridge of nose.

   Please do not select your surgeon by price.  Look at before and after pictures, reviews, and credentials.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Seeing only the side view limits the evaluation. Can't tell if we need to narrow bones as well. In general, in Miami, we would charge probably $3500-$4000US for this. There is always someone willing to do surgery cheaper----be very careful about that.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
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