Uneven White Scar on my Lip From Cyst Removal. How Do I Get Rid of the Scar? (photo)

I had a small cyst on my lip when I was around 13, had it removed (twice!) and was left with a scar. The skin isn't level now, and it's a large white mark on my top lip. This makes me so self conscious Is there any treatments you can recommend that are reasonable in price that I could have done to look normal again?

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Fixing a bad lip scar from a previous surgery

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Scar revision surgery for the lip is likely required to reapproximate and revise your white roll and vermilion.  


Lip scar revision can improve the scar dramatically. 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Ivory-colored or Whitish Scars May Respond to Medical Microneedling

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Admittedly restoring color to scars, which are typically ivory-colored or off-white in appearance, is challenging. For several years I have had some measure of success with these, as well as other problems involving lack of pigment (such as vitiligo and guttate hypomelanosis), using medical microneedling.

Medical microneedling, employing dermal rolling devices, Dermastamp, or the Dermapen (an electrically-driven device) involves the use of tiny needles that pierce the skin to create micro-breaks or micro-channels within the treatment site.

One result of the formation of these microscopic skin performations is the promotion of new, native collagen formation that helps to smooth and even out the surface characteristics and texture of the treated area. A second benefit is that the temporarily created micro-channels allow the deeper entry of substances applied to the skin immediately preceding and following treatment whose molecules would otherwise be too large to enter if simply applied to the skin surface.

For this reason, in circumstances where pigment promotion is desired, I add the application of tyrosine, a substance essential for the natural production of melanin pigmentation in our skin. When treating off-white scars, a series of four medical microneedling treatments performed at four to six week intervals in this manner can sometimes achieve sufficiently gratifying re-pigmentation.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Uneven White Scar on my Lip From Cyst Removal. How Do I Get Rid of the Scar?

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Yes I see the white area involving the vermilion. Best to try a tattoo to color the area as a temporary answer. 

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