How to Remove Scars from Staph Infection? (photo)

i got a really bad staph infection while pregnant with my son. I have scars all over my legs, chest and a few on my arms. Im getting married in october and i dont want these scars in my pictures. how can i get them removed

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How to improve pigmentation on the skin following staph infection

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     It is common after severe inflammation in the skin (even that caused by an infection) for these areas of pigmentation to occur. The least aggressive treatment is a topical skin product such as a skin brightener, both prescription and nonprescription versions are available.With all skin brightening products, it can take weeks to months to see an effect. The sun can darken the pigment too, so sunscreen must be applied daily in along with the skin brighteners. Hydroquinone is a popular skin brightener which blocks the steps of pigment production within the skin. Over the counter hydroquinone is available in a 2% strength, with higher percentages requiring a prescription. Other popular skin brighteners which work to either slow pigment production or break-up and degrade pigmentation include: vitamin C, retinols, azelaic acid, niacinamide, arbutin, and lignin peroxidase. Very few of these products are recommended in breast feeding patients, which I am not sure if that is a consideration for you. For patients interested in laser procedures, both intense pulsed light and fractionated lasers can be used through a series of treatments to lighten the areas. I would recommend you see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with a specialization in laser surgery if you are interested in laser therapy.


Dr. Jennifer Peterson

A hydroquinone based lightening cream will help.

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Hydroquinone still remains the best proven lightening agent, despite all the bad press. You could consult a dermatologist and be started on a hydroquinone containing lightening cream, along with an azelaic acid topical application, starting with 10%.

You should start noticing some results over a matter of weeks. Good luck!

Melarase creams for skin discoloration on the legs

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Skin discoloration from previous infection can be improved with twice daily application of Melarase creams to help reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin. 

Dr. Karamanoukian
Los Angeles

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