How are veneers replaced?

I have had veneers for a year now. Recently I have been hear a popping sort of noise when I put slight preasure on them. Does this mean they need replacing? I have an appointment soon but I'm so worried they're going to have to remove them all. When veneers are replaced, do you get temporary ones whilst the permenany ones are being made in the lab?

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Hello there,
I would recommend seeing your dentist for a complete evaluation.  He/she will thoroughly examine your veneers and determine the need for replacement.  The procedure of replacing veneers involves removal of the veneer, possible recontouring of the tooth surface, taking a new impression and fabrication of temporaries.  You'll wear temporary veneers while the lab fabricates your new veneers.  At my office this usually takes 1-2 weeks. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Veneer replacement

A thorough examination of the veneers, the bite forces on these teeth and the health of the teeth, gums and oral cavity will be needed to see if you really do need a full veneer replacement.
Removal and new veneer fabrication is very similar to your initial procedure.  Preparation would include removal of the veneers and immediate fabrication of temporary veneers to allow time for your dentist to send digital or standard molds to their laboratory to  have their ceramist fabricate porcelain veneers for bonding on a different date.

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Veneers Needing Replacement?

It is strange to get a popping noise.  One possibility is that one or more veneer is partially debonded.  Your dentist would have to examine it more closely to identify the cause.  Yes, if the veneers do need replacing, temporary ones can be placed during fabrication of the new veneers. 

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