I had veneers put on my teeth and I always liked the slightly rounded shape of my regular two front top teeth.

When the doctor put the veneers on those teeth he made them straight across the bottom. I think they look too severe and I'd like them to be slightly rounded. Can he file them to round them a bit now that they are already glued on to my teeth?

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It is always important to view actual cases that the dentist has done before starting a smile makeover.  This allows a great deal of discussion so that the dentist can hear all of your desires for your smile.  You should always be given the opportunity to look at the veneers on your teeth before they are bonded so that any concerns can be addressed and the case may be sent back to the lab before permanently bonding them to your teeth.

Fortunately, it is very possible to adjust your veneers now that they are bonded to your teeth.  Your dentist can "finesse" the corners which will make the veneers more ovoid in shape.  I would take a picture of your smile, print two copies and draw on one of them to show the dentist what you would like for them to look like.  This will help in your communication with them before they start any modifications.

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Veneers are made in all shapes, sizes and shades. If you would like your veneers more rounded rather than square for instance, it's important to tell your dentist this. In most cases, minor adjustments can be made to reshape veneers. I would recommend speaking with your dentist as soon as possible about your concerns. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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