Veneers too bright

I am trying to find someone who know the secret to darkening veneers. Mine to far too bright and I wish I had my old yellows back! I am willing to go to drastic measures, such as sanding/roughening the surface and staining. I can't be the first person that needs this fixed ( and can not afford to have a dentist redo)

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Veneers are too light

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The veneers are like fine china.  They will not stain and there is not a way to darken them.  They must be redone in a darker color.  Go back to the dentist and discuss

Lightening Veneers

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Lightening your porcelain veneers cannot be done in the mouth.  You will either have to replace the veneers in a lighter color or get used to the ones that you currently have.  

Porcelain veneers are color stable

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It isn't that you can't find someone to help, you are asking for something that can't be done.  The only way to stain porcelain (labs do this all the time) is to apply stain and place the porcelain in the oven at 1000 degrees.  This means it is impossible to do in the mouth.

There are only 2 choices.  Get used to the color or remake them.

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Hello there,
Unfortunately, there is no way to change the shade of your veneers once they are permanently bonded. Changing the shade would involve your dentist removing your veneers and having new veneers made. It may take some time for you to get used to your new veneers, especially since you are used to having yellow teeth. I would recommend that you talk to your dentist about your concerns. If you do decide to have them redone, be sure that you okay the shade before your veneers are permanently bonded.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO area (O'Fallon, IL)
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