Can I get veneers if I have TMJ? If so, will it be covered by insurance?

My teeth have been shifting backward, causing jaw pain, and misalignment. Due to the maintenance of braces, and pain, I don't think my jaw could endure that.

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Tmd and veneers

its advisable to first solve TMJ issue. visit orthodontist for that. splint therapy will help. later u can go for veneers. if u want to save money , dental tourism is best option for u. u will save upto 70% on yr veneer . dental tourism is very popular for cosmetic procedures.

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Insurance Coverage for veneers unlikely regardless of TMJ disorder.

Ideally correct your TMJ disorder first prior to initiating dental work.  Medical insurance frequently covers many but not all of the costs for treating TMJ dysfunction .

Neuromuscular Treatment of TMJ disorders can give incredible relief from pain.

The DNA appliance can often orthopedically finish TMJ cases without the discomfort of braces.

Veneers can give you an incredible smile you have dreamed of but don't expect your insurance to cover it.  The exception to veneer coverage may be high end executive premium insurance usually available in special packages to highly compensated executives.

The link is to a youtube page with patients discussing TMJ, Sleep Apnea and headache treatment.

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Veneers are not likely to be a covered benefit

While there may be stories of someone that got coverage in some way, it is rare and should not be expected.  Even in cases where it DID happen, it took considerable effort from the patient and a LOT of time.  Offices trained to do veneers well generally are paid in full before starting, so the fee is paid by the patient in advance and then refunded by insurance to the patient.

I would not plan on it, even to the point of saying, "No, not at all."  If you pay in full in advance and then work on your insurance, you may get something back.

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Veneers & TMJ

It's always a challenge to properly restore the teeth of someone who has TMJ, but with that said, what do you mean by TMJ? Do you mean grinding, clenching, or pain of the jaw joint? Each will affect how your dentist should chose to treat you. To give you a general answer, yes, you can have veneers done even if you have TMJ. Idealy, your dentist should first make sure your bite is stable. Veneers can then be fabricated, and subsequently adjusted so as not to fracture by hitting in unnatural ways when you slide your jaw (grind). Additionally, your dentist should then fabricate a hard acrylic mouthguard to protect your veneers when you sleep. As for insurance, you have to ask your dentist to submit a "predetermination" for you. Some insurance companies will cover veneers, but most will not. They are considered a cosmetic/elective treatment, and are usually not covered. 

Best of luck. 

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