Why are my temporary going blue after a few days? (Photo)

I had 4 damages veneers replaced, I have come away with a mould set of 4 , yet 3 days later they are going blue from the gum line up, why is this ?

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The good thing about temporary veneers is that they are only temporary, usually lasting about a week or two. The color change that you are noticing could be caused by something you ate or drank since temporary veneers are not stain resistant. Another possible cause is that your temporaries are not fully sealed allowing bacteria to get under them. I would recommend seeing your dentist so he/she can take a quick look. Both causes are an easy fix. I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Microleakage and caused from bacteria

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There are certain types of bacteria that create a "black scuzzy" by-product.  Typically they can flourish whenever a hemostatic agent (control bleeding) was used.  This being said, it's harmless in the short term to the tooth.  Peroxide will take it away pretty instantly (once dentist has temps removed). 

Temporaries getting discolored

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Most likely the color change is due to something you are eating or drinking such as tea, coffee, blueberry or black berry.  A second possibility could be the temporaries are not fully sealed and again what you are drinking is getting under the temporaries.  

You should go back to your dentist to make sure the staining is only on the outside of the temporaries and nothing is getting under it.


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