2 days after voluma- does it volumise more over next days/weeks?

I had 1 syringe of volume injected between both upper cheeks 2 days ago - there doesn't seem to be any difference at all in fact I look worse as I have 2 swollen thin ridges going down my upper cheeks but there doesn't seem to be an additional volume or lifting? Will it develop as the swelling settles or should you see the results at the time?

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What you see is what you get

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Thanks for the question. Actually it may look slightly less as swelling resolves. You may require another syringe to see a difference. It depends on your volume loss and placement of the filler.

Good luck!

Voluma expectations

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Thank you for your question.  A picture would be helpful.  

At the end of the injection, you should see pretty much what you will have as an end result.  For most people, 1 syringe is not enough to be a "wow" unless it is strategically placed.  Most patients I inject do 2-4 syringes in a session, and then the results are very satisfying.

All hyaluronic acid filler products do have some swelling as the HA attracts water.  In my experience, the swelling typically peaks at days 3 and 4 after injection, and isn't so noticeable other than the product may feel "hard and bumpy".  By the time it is 7 days after injection, the hardness aspect is gone.  If there is bruising, this may contribute to an uneven look.  It is best to wait 2 full weeks before judging Voluma.

Voluma has become the most "artistic" filler yet to come out, meaning the results will vary significantly from injector to injector.

You should call your doctor with your concerns.  Kind regards, Marla Klein MD

Marla M. Klein, MD
Lake Oswego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Voluma Results and Happiness

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It takes roughly 2 weeks to see the ultimate results of fillers although of all the fillers voluma is pretty much immediate and has swelling/water holding capacity than others.  You may not have been to optimal correction.  If you are concerned please see your physician, you may actually need more filler than what was injected to see more robust a change.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Voluma and Effect

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The effect of Voluma is immediate.  If you don't feel that you have much of a result it sounds like you will need more product.  One syringe is not enough generally to make a difference for both cheeks.  Please consult an expert with Voluma for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green


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Typically with injections like Voluma or other Hyaluronic Acids, you should see the results right away.  There is swelling immediately after and the potential for some bruising which should resolve over the first few days after the injections.  It is possible that you may need more Voluma than you got during your first injections (one half of a syringe in each cheek is not typically enough for most patients).  I have my patients come back to see me after 2-4 weeks to see how happy they are with the injections.  If you have concerns, ask your injector, but I will warn you that you probably need to buy additional syringes.


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Without either a good photo or actual encounter, it's difficult to say what is happening.  In my experience, both with patients and in my own face, most of the lift occurs in the first twenty-four hours.  I'm not sure why you are seeing "thin lines" of filler if placed deep and correctly.

There are many questions here.  How old are you?  Where was the Voluma placed and by whom?

I would call my doctor and have my face checked if I were you, or seek a second opinion.

Michael A. Greenberg, MD
Elk Grove Village Dermatologist
4.9 out of 5 stars 17 reviews

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