New retainer moving teeth the wrong direction for 2nd time - advice? (photos)

I had orthodontic braces 4 years ago and have been wearing a retainer since however my retainer broke slightly so I had a new one made which didn't fit properly and mover my teeth the wrong way. Luckily the dentist refunded me but I still use him for regular check ups. Last week I went for a check up and he pressured me into buying a new retainer again I've been wearing it and the same thing has happened theyve moved the wrong way and my old 1 won't fit. What do you recommend to straighten them

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Retainers retain

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Retainers are made to keep the teeth FROM moving, not move teeth.  To MOVE teeth, there are 3 methods:

  • Inman aligner
  • brackets/wires
  • Invisalign

Once the teeth are where you are happy with them, then get a new retainer to keep them there.  You MAY consider some minor periodontal procedures to relieve some tissue stress that may be influencing stability.  I suggest seeing an orthodontist and periodontist that are familiar with each other from working together.

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