Can you fix an overbite by Braces at age 19?

Hello, I´m thinking about getting braces to correct my overbite and straighten my teeth. I am 19 already though and my doctor told me there is not a 100 procent chance that the overbite can be fixed with the braces because of my age. So how likely is it possible to correct that now. PS The overbite is not severe. Thank you.

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Can you fix an overbite by Braces at age 19?

Fixing an overbite is pretty straight forward, no matter the age. Fixing an overjet can be more complicated. Overjet and overbite are often terms that are interchanged by the general public. Even if you are talking about overjet instead of overbite you can still resolve either condition at age 19.

Good luck!

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Nothing is 100%

I have corrected bites in adults much older than 19, but it depends on the goals and starting point.  Even if not fully corrected, you should find a significant improvement, even at age 19.

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