23 year old female, I have a type 3 malocclusion, what are my options? Should I get Braces first or Jaw Surgery?

Do I have to get a jaw surgery ? Do I need braces first ?

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Class III malocclusion

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Hi Misszambrano,

No two Class III malocclusions are the same.  Some Class III problems are caused by incorrect positioning of the teeth which means that the appropriate therapy should be focused on the teeth (i.e. braces, Invisalign) alone.  More severe Class III problems are typically caused by jaw malposition which necessitate jaw surgery (upper, lower or combination of the two).  In these cases, orthodontic alignment of the teeth is required prior to surgery so that the teeth fit together properly once the jaws have been properly aligned.

Your best bet is to seek out the opinion of an orthodontist who can provide you with your treatment options.

Best of luck!

Manhattan Orthodontist

DNA Appliance may be best alternative to braces and surgery.

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A class three can be an overgrown mandible but it is often an underdeveloped maxilla and a functional shift.

While I routinely treat patients with DNA appliance and Epigenetic orthodontics/ orthopedics I periodically refer patient with more severe issues to Dr Martha Cortes in NYC who has done more DNA cases than anyone.  

I have seen her correct a very sever class 3 on one of my TMJ patients.  That patient had numerous opinions from around the country insisting only duble jaw surgery could correct.

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