I have loose teeth after braces.

I took off my braces 2 weeks ago, after wearing them for 1y. My front teeth (inferior jaw) are loose, i can wiggle them with my fingers (if i grab them and move), and they feel very very loose. I got my retainers 5 days after i took the braces off (those teeth had already shifted quite a lot, i had to push hard on one of them to make it fit into the retainer - with a lot of pain-, but after a couple of days the problem sovled). I'm quite worried about the wiggling. I want one more opinion.

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Loose teeth after braces

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This is perfectly normal as your teeth were being moved into a more esthetic position with braces and the bone was remodeling.  Typically, I would leave the last wire on for at least 2 months before removing the braces to allow time for the teeth to be more stable.  On the day of lower braces removal, I would normally bond a fixed wire retainer onto the front 6 teeth instead of relying on a removable retainer that would require the patient's long-term dedication.  For upper teeth, I would make an impression for a Hawley type retainer before removing the braces and deliver it on the day of removal.  I have found that a Hawley retainer will last so much longer and easier to keep clean than a clear one.  Congrats on your new beautiful smile!  Dr Le

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