21yo female, nose makes me look 27, why do I look too old? (Photo)

Hi, I was told its impossible to permanently shorten a nose by making it more upturned. I was also told its large from the front due to thick skin, not cartilage. I just want to look teen (13-22 or so) because I'm only 21, and I missed out on a lot. (BTW the bandaging and swelling is from having congenitally dark eyebags treated, they're not exactly relevant but I figured other people with premature aging under their eyes in their teens to early twenties seem also to have large noses.)

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Too old?

From the look of the compression garment you have recently had some procedures.  It is easy to second guess your choices when you are recovering from surgery. I recommend you discuss your concerns with your surgeon who knows your case well.  If you don't have confidence in their answer, a second opinion may be a good way to go. Good luck.

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