What Type of Scar is This Going to Be Skin Seems to Be Overlapping Other? (photo)

im a 28 yr old male i was in a car wreck and something cut my face open the skin looks to be overlapping the cut will this flatten out? skin feels hard where its overlapping what type of scar will this be any help is thankful

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What Type of Scar is This Going to Be Skin Seems to Be Overlapping Other?

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Best to start IPL therapy now and I might use a derma roller with PRP therapy to area. Best to be pro active early. 

Facial scarring

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You are feeling the thickness because the scar is inflammatory. It will take a full year for it to settle down. You have not indicated when the accident occurred or if it was surgical closed, although from its appearance, I am assuming that it healed secondarily. You could certainly see a plastic surgeon for a scar revision consultation. WIth a scar of this size, I would typically revise it in two stages to minimize the length of the resulting scar.

How will my face heal?

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You have a cut on your face that was repaired. It was not surgical incision but one that happened from an injury. there is often more swelling with this type of injury. It may heal just fine. I would let it heal up for two to three months and then if it is still uneven I would consult with a plastic surgeon. Fi=or the firmness underneath the scar I would start some massage, just rubbing the scar to see if you can get it to soften. Only start the massage if it has been at least two weeks from the time of surgery unless your physician tells you otherwise.

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