What Type of Pre Op Testing is Needed for a Rhinoplasty? Blood Work? Ekg?

What Type of Pre Op Testing is Needed for a Rhinoplasty?  Blood Work? Ekg?

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Pre-op testing for rhinoplasty

Blood work and EKGs are usually unnecessary for a rhinoplasty unless there are underlying health conditions that require a patient to have those tests performed prior to underlying elective cosmetic surgery.  Always consult with your surgeon and family physician, as there is no blanket answer for what tests are needed.  Most patients require no preoperative testing as long as they are in excellent health and have no underlying medical conditions.

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Pre op testing prior to rhinoplasty

The tests that are required prior to rhinoplasty will vary depending on several factors. If you are young and healthy you will probably just need a CBC.  I only obtain an ecg in my patients over 50 years of age or if there is a history of cardiac disease.   Other blood tests such as blood chemistry may be necessary if you are on certain medication particularly anti hypertensives.

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Preoperative testing prior to surgery: Rhinoplasty

Your doctor will decide all pre-op testing. Such decisions are based on many factors, including your medical history, age, and length of surgery.

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Rhinoplasty Pre-Operative Testing

Each patient should have a thorough history and physical. Additional testing will depend on the patient's age and underlying chronic medical problems.

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Preoperative testing for undergoing a rhinoplasty

The plastic surgeon that you select for your rhinoplasty will inform you what preoperative testing is appropriate and necessary and this can vary among doctors and surgical facilities. Some of this will be influenced by your medical history and age.

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Preoperative testing prior to rhinoplasty

In Canada most physicians and institutions have moved away from standardized properative lab testing.  Testing should be determined preoperatively  and based on age, gender, and preexisting medical conditions.

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Preop rhinoplasty testing

First, you should have an exam and a review of your medical history.  Based upon your age and history will determine what type of blood work, etc.  would be needed.

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Preoperative Testing for Rhinoplasty

As Dr. Aldea correctly pointed out, the majority of preoperative testing is wasteful, unnecessary, and provides very little useful information in a young healthy patient.  Most Surgeons will order a CBC, a serum chemistry, pregnancy test  in women of child bearing age, and in a patient over 50, an EKG as part of the "CYA protocol".  As Dr. John Dillon taught us as medical students at Georgetown, the majority of necessary clinical information is is obtained from a patient's history and physical examination. 

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What Type of Pre Op Testing is Needed for a Rhinoplasty? Blood Work? Ekg?

There is no one set required battery of "required" pre-operative tests. Your surgery (likelihood of blood losses, of electrolyte imbalance), your medical condition (heart disease, taking certain medications such as certain blood pressure pills, diabetes, blood thinning medications) may suggest certain tests (such as an EKG, checking potassium or sugar levels or bleeding times). Pregnancy test for all menstruating women to rule out a possible pregnancy.

Unfortunately, we live in a lawyer-rich enviroment. The vast majority of such tests rendr no useful actionable information but are perform as a precautionary measure to protect doctors and hospitals against baseless lawsuits. (THe overwhelming majority of blood counts (CBC) and chemistry and urine tests fall into this group)

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Pre-op Testing?

Thank you for the question.

Preoperative testing will be  to  depend on  many factors such as your age, specific medical concerns/problems, the exact procedure planned  and your surgeon's/ facility  “protocols”.

Generally, once  your surgery is scheduled your surgeon will arrange for any preoperative workup that may be necessary.

Best wishes.

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