How Long Will You Feel Congested After Rhinoplasy?

I've had primary rhinoplasty for 2 months now, and I feel congested at times, especially at night time. Is this normal? if it is, when will it stop. I've had trouble sleeping before, and this doesn't help!

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Question regarding congestion after rhinoplasty.

Congestion is common after rhinoplasty.  It usually settles after about 6-8 weeks.  You should keep your nose clean and moist during the healing period.  A humidifier and saline sprays are often helpful.  If it is intermittent its most likely due to swelling.  If it is persistent you may have a structural issue such as a persistent deviated nasal septum or valve compromise.  See your surgeon to evaluate.

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Congestion after rhinoplasty or septoplasty

the nose is often very congested for the first week after surgery. This is particularly so if nasal stents are placed inside the nose. Just as the exterior of the nose swells, the interior does too. This swelling narrows the nasal passages and along with increased phelgm and blood block the nasal cavities. Cleaning the nose with Q-tips and peroxide is helpful. The breathing continues to improve for several weeks afterwards.

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Congestion after rhinoplasty

Congestion after rhinoplasty is common and may last several months.  Usually this gets better with time.

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Congestion after rhinoplasty

Our experience shows congestion is typical for about eight weeks after rhinoplasty. You can help the situation at night with humidification, as the nose will swell due to dryness. Try a cold air humidifier at the bedside to help rest the nose.

Best of luck,

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Congestion after rhinoplasty

Congestion is common after rhinoplasty.  Are you congested 24/7 or just when you lie down? Are you using saline nasal washes?   Was any internal surgery done to try to open your airway?  Does sleeping with your head elevated help?

Follow up with your surgeon.

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How Long Will You Feel Congested After Rhinoplasy?

  Typically several weeks to a few months based on the amount of work done during the Rhinoplasty.  Be sure your Rhinoplasty Surgeon understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive nose.

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Congestion following rhinoplasty

Congestion after a rhinoplasty can last for several months and may be worse with those who already have enlarged turbinates. 

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