Should I go back to dentist in Mexico for follow up appointment? Six days ago had extract, implant and Bone Graft on tooth 19

Stitches appear to have dissolved and have very little, if any pain. Area is just a bit tender. Concern is a flap of skin (it almost feels as if it's on a hinge) that I can place tongue under and lift. I also feel particles from time to time that i assume is bone graft material in mouth. I have two days of antibiotics left and dentist told me to return in three months unless problems arrive. Don't think there is any infection but who knows?

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Follow up

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It sounds as if things are healing normally, but if you have concerns the dentist should be willing to see you for a follow up. You've made an investment in the implant and bone grafting. If the implant were to fail you would be stuck paying for it twice.

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