Hole in my gum which I can noticebly see dental implant through! Had dental implant 18 months ago that failed then had another

Had 5 bone grafts after noticed hole in my gum! returned to my dentist who said could be fixed with a soft tissue graft which I've had. went to another dentist who told me my dentist had tried to give me vertical bone graft which is not possible & they had done such a bad job inevitably the implant will have to come out dentist still insists further tissue grafts will correct problem I still have no time frame as to when it will heal it's so stressful I really don't no what to do anymore

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Vertical bone regeneration

Only a handful of clinicians worldwide are able to regenerate vertical bone predictably. So it is possible. 

U live in the states, 

In Florida. Dr pikos , Dr Craig Misch 
In California. Dr Jovanovic 

are your best bet for the revision surgery 

good luck 

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can't say anything with out seeing yr xray for bone height, if possible upload yr xray. u already had second opinion from another implant dentist , so tell his opinion to yr implant dentist.

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
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