Is it ok to wait 2-3 weeks between getting an extraction, and getting a Bone Graft?

I have a tooth, #19, that is going to be extracted wednesday. I know that I need a dental implant and a bone graft first, but I need to wait a couple of weeks between extracting the tooth and getting the graft. Primarily because the I can't get the extraction done in my regular office prior to my vacation next week. The tooth has cracked and half has fallen off. It was the result of a poorly placed cavity which lead to a cavity underneath the filling.

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no , not possible, because clot forms at extraction site withing 24 hrs. so u can go for bone graft at the time of extraction, later not possible.

India Dentist
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Bone graft after extraction

it is better and more predictable to have the bone graft done at the same time of extraction 

it is also acceptable to extract tooth. Then wait 6-8 weeks for tissue to heal. Then either bone graft the area to augment the bone or 
place implant and add bone graft at the same time. This will all depend on how much bone is available for a stable implant to be placed ...

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
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Bone graft

It is most effective if you have the grafting done at the time of the extraction. If you wait 3 weeks healing will begin to take place and the process becomes much more difficult.

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