What is the Best Treatment to Eliminate 2nd-degree Burn Scarring on the Face?

Any that has little or no downtime? I have a follow-up appointment for 2nd degree burn facial scars in two weeks with a well known board certified dermatologist in MN, but am wary of what may be advised as far as treatments go without more knowledge on my part. I'd like more information from other qualified professionals. Many Thanks

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Burn Treatment

It is somewhat usually that would be scarring from a second degree burn on the face but scarring can occur.  Burn reconstruction for webbing or contracture usually involves some type of surgical intervention.  It would be advisable to see a plastic surgeon about these issues since plastic surgeons are extensively trained in burn surgery and reconstruction.

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Treatment of second-degree burns to the face

Second degree burns come in two varieties:  superficial and deep.

Superficial second degree burns will heal with any topical ointment or cream (such as antibiotic ointment) as long as no infection develops.  The color of the skin will be different than the surrounding area and may take months to fade.  Superficial burns typically heal by the second week.

Deep second degree burns are deeper and almost the entire skin producing architecture has been damaged.  This type of burn usually heals with scarring and it is best to excise the burn and cover the area with a skin graft.

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Towards optimal treatment of burn scars

There is no way to definitively eliminate scars until we can regenerate skin. Most treatments aim at diminishing or substituting them with less prominent scars. Keeping burn scars clean, moist and protected from further injury, sun exposure or infection are the best methods to minimize burn scarring and optimize healing.  Topical silicone sheets or gels are a popular method of diminishing hypertrophic scar formation.

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Best treatment to eliminate 2nd-degree burn

See the scheduled appointment is the first step. To ask over the internet without photos posted makes it impossible to guide you. Local healing care, sunscreen, massage, steroid injections are a few options.

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