How Do You Remove Bite Marks?

my boyfriend bit me on my cheek like 2 times. and i was so hurt that it swelled and i didnt get to put ice on it. and after it swelled, his teeth left a mark on my cheek, like a round line. and it stays a month,til now it is still here. what should i do? please help me.

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Facial Scar Treatment

Sorry for you experience. Some good cosmetic treatment options will help camouflage the facial scar. Sun block and sun avoidance are the first step. Based on the single photograph, the scar is noticeable primarily due to the darker colored areas. Treatment may include skin brighteners and/or tretinoin. However, you'll need to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to help determine appropriate options for you.

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Remove bite marks

WOW thanks for the photo! Are you still with him, I hope not! My only suggestion is local care, scar creams, maybe IPL therapy. Best of luck. Try and find a non cannibal boyfriend.

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Bite Mark Removal

The only thing you can do for the bite mark at this point is use sunscreen everyday ( SPF 30 or higher), and use some sort of scar product ( Mederma, Scarguard, etc.).  Overtime it should fade, but the sun will leave the area alot redder then you want it to be, so protect it.  Since it has only been a month, you just need to be patient - it may take 3-6 months for it too fade and, hopefully, dissapear.

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