Crown seating acceptable but not "perfect" what can happen? Should I have it fixed?

I had a crown replaced on tooth number 13 earlier this week. A temp was placed. The temp broke 3 days later but the permanent was ready, he decided to place it today. He went to cement it and my gums were still sore from the work earlier in the week. I flinched and he said that it may not have seated right because I moved. They took an x ray the dentist said it was acceptable but not perfect. Said it was off by a milimeter. He felt it was 98% out of 100% they're insisting it should be fine

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Open Crown Margin


1 millimeter is a lot when it comes to your tooth! You paid for a crown that fits, and you want to make sure it lasts for a very long time. Predictability is the most important consideration. An open margin is not predictable. Have it replaced.

Improperly seated crown

Yes, I would strongly recommend getting the crown replaced to prevent problems in the future. A gap of 1mm will allow food and bacteria to accumulate, potentially causing decay under the crown over time.

Rachana Vora, DMD
Arlington Dentist
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Improperly seated crown

Crowns are either seated correctly or they need to be removed. An opening of 1mm will allow bacteria and food to get under the crown and cause decay. Have the crown remade. The dentist should have no problem with this.

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