I have to see perio before getting my permanent crown molds done. Any suggestions? (photos)

I went to the dentist and had my old crowns removed. Gums where inflamed above two crowns due to poor seating and bulky crowns. my gums are pink/normal now. They said I have to see perio, I am curious as to why? Do my gums look unhealthy? I really want to get my molds done for my perm crowns. Dr said she would do it last time if no bleeding occurred, wich it did not. What would be the case for me not getting the procedure? Thanks!

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Is better to wait

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if your dr gives the explanation that should be expected that the bleeding that is equal to inflammation should wait until the situation improves, making the final impression in these conditions can lead to problems of mismatch crowns , resulting in : linear black , small spaces between teeth or black triangles where plaque can build up developing bad breath and even get to periodontal problems. My recommendations before seeing the peridontist,i would make good adaptation of provisional, remove over contours and the indication of a chlorhexidine antiseptic.
"if the provional is not improved the situation will persist"
good luck hope it will serve as guidance

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