Is it normal to be in pain for the last two months, after having a root canal and crown?

I had a root canal and a crown placed immediately after, two months ago. The dentist has reshaped multiple times the crown to rule out possible biting issues. Though this has not fixed the discomfort pain at all, my tooth (no. 15) is still in-pain. I feel pain/discomfort when I bite or apply pressure to it. Does anyone have any ideas of what might causing such pain/discomfort? Thank you in advance. Panos M.

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Pain after root canal

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It is not normal to have pain on biting and pressure on a root canal treated tooth after 2 months. This indicates that either the root canal has failed and may need to be redone or there is a crack in the root of the tooth in which case they tooth may not be restorable and may need to be extracted. I would recommend seeing a root canal specialist/endodontist for an evaluation. A cone beam CT scan may be advised to help diagnose the condition.

Root canal

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Hi, thanks for write... No, it's not normal you fell pain for so long, try to come back to your dentist and take some x rays to evaluate the root canal and also evaluate your bite. Good luckĀ 

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