Should I shorten my philtrum? (Photo)

I want a shorter philtrum and nose job to fix my side profile to the ideal standard Of beauty. I've considered lip augmentation, and a nose job. But a shorter philtrum with a nose job is permanent. Please help!

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Should I shorten my philtrum?

Dear dani.andrzejewska,

Thank you for your clinical post and photograph. Analysis of your photos and your concerns shows some very attractive facial features, a smooth forehead, nicely shaped eyebrows, big eyes, nice cheekbones and jawline. You do have a long face and so a slightly larger and more dominant nose can be supported with your craniofacial skeleton. However, your nose is slightly long for your face. There are some slightly wide areas and the nose might be slightly over projected. A reduction rhinoplasty can help create a more feminine looking nose and I would recommend you seeking the advice of a physician that offers computer imaging so you can review the simulations and have a good sense of what the nasofacial balance and proportion will be following your reduction rhinoplasty. I’ve been performing cosmetic rhinoplasty for over 20 years and was fortunate to train in both plastic surgery and ear, nose, throat, otolaryngology and head and neck surgery.

During the computer imaging I would show you the type of nasal tip reduction and shortening of the link to the nose with modulation and improvement of the nasal tip and how these changes will reflect on the shape and appearance of your facial anatomy. You might find after nasal reduction that the actual Philtrum column and lip looks more appropriate or even longer. Certainly any kind of aesthetic lip procedure should be withheld until after the nose is completely healed and you’ve had a chance to assess your nasofacial balance and proportion.

I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.

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R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.
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Yorkville, Toronto

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Reducing the Philtrum

The upper lip is enormously influenced by the shape and projection of the nose tip. You may consider having a rhinoplasty to increase the projection of your nose tip, to narrow the tip, to adjust the columella width and eliminate the pollybeak tip configuration. After the nose heals then you and your plastic surgeon can reassess the upper lip. My sense is that you may not the lip surgery.  

Bahman Guyuron, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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