IPL for Rosacea, will it help with nodule like papules? (Photo)

When I was 24 (now 33) started to get nodule like Rosacea papules. I found a routine that worked . Metrocream in the morning and Benzoyl Peroxide in the night. I would get a papule every 3-4 months in the exact same spot, but overall i was clear. Over the past year, I switched my routine, and now I get nodules in 5-6 spots on my face (I can't go back to BP as it's too harsh now) They usually form in the same spot though (spider veins also in these spots). Could IPL help with these nodules ?

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Rosacea and IPL

Hi Green976,

I'm sorry you've been struggling with rosacea. In my experience IPL is a wonderful treatment for the redness and papular-pustular lesions of rosacea. The redness associated with rosacea responds particularly well to IPL. For my patients I recommend a multi-pronged approach, with IPL, topical treatments, and in severe cases, oral antibiotics. These treatments are all synergistic with one another. Lastly, lifestyle interventions, such as decreasing triggers like caffeine, sun exposure, spicy foods, and red wine, can also be particularly effective. I have found that I am able to taper oral antibiotics to very low doses in treatment refractory cases to keep the papular-pustular lesions at bay. I hope this advice is helpful. 

Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon

Could IPL help?

I think it certainly could. It will decrease inflammation in the area, and depending on the wavelength, will decrease bacteria, which might decrease inflammation as well. Spot treating the nodule itself would be the way to go. IPL is still considered the best non-pharmaceutical treatment for rosacea.

Derek Norcom, MD
Portland Physician
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IPL for rosacea

IPL usually only works for the redness and telangiectasias (spider veins) that you can get with rosacea, as the light only targets red, brown, or blue pigment. Papules and nodules are usually a deeper issue best treated with topicals or oral medication. You can try either finacea or soolantra as topical treatments, and there are some specialty pharmacies that have them at cheaper cost. Otherwise, for rosacea flares, a couple weeks of oral antibiotics can be very effective in keeping rosacea at bay for months. You may want to speak with a Dermatologist to discuss these options. Best wishes!

Harry Sharata, MD
Madison Dermatologic Surgeon
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Rosacea Resolution with Clear + Brilliant, peels and VBeam/Yellow lasers

This can be improved with a combination treatment of Clear + Brilliant, peels, and V Beam/Yellow Lasers. I recommend a formal evaluation with a cosmetic dermatologist. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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