Why do doctors put more lip filler in the upper lip than in the bottom lip? (Photo)

Hi I just had lip injections 2 days ago. My question is why do they put 2/3 in the upper lip and 1/3 of the filler in the bottom lip? I was told this is the science. Is this true? I feel like that would make the upper lip look bigger than the bottom lip?

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Hi.In most of the people the upper lip is 1/3 and lower lip is 2/3.The amount we inject depends on the client expectation and the shape of the lip.There is no standard technique.The goal is always to keep it natural .But I highly suggest to see an expert physician for consult and assessment

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Hi Layla,

To answer your question it really just depends on the injector. Most of the time the Dr./nurse injector will put most of the product in the lower lip due to the fact that most people's upper lip in smaller in size to start with. A lot of clients don't want the done up look with tons of product in their lips. The more subtle look is key or the more "natural look" with slight enhancement due to aging. With future appointments I suggest you talk it out with your injector to make sure you are getting the result that best fits your achieved look.  

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I think that this is not universal and it really depends on every person. The goal with lip injections is to maintain proper proportions of the upper and lower lips to get a nice natural result. Usually the lower lip is 2/3 volume, the upper lip is 1/3. Many people gin their upper lips as they get older, whereas the lower lip volume is maintained more, and thus many people may need more product in their upper lips. This however is variable from person to person. But the goal in the end is to maintain the natural proportion. 

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It depends..

Most people have a fuller lower lip and usually need less while the upper lip is thinner and also tends to thin out more with aging. The upper lip usually needs a but more volume help. In many cases, I have placed more filler in the lower lip so it is not universal in every patient that an injector might place more in the upper. Speak with your injector about your goals and with better communication you can get exactly what you want. Best, Dr. ALDO :)

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