Would filler help achieve lip symmetry and fix downturned mouth corners? (photos)

Hi, I have quite a small mouth/lips and they are slightly uneven. My top lip is pretty defined but I notice one side sits higher than the other and is slightly fuller. Could this be evened out with filler? Also the corners of my mouth are downturned which makes me always look grumpy. Could Botox help this at all? Thank you

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Correcting downturning lip corners

Thank you for your question. Anti-wrinkle injections injected into the upper lateral segments of the orbicular oris muscle (see image below) will help to evert the lateral aspects of the upper lip that are currently producing the downturned corners of your mouth. In addition, small and appropriate doses of lip dermal filler can be used to correct any residual lip asymmetry. Upon assessing your "after lip filler treatment" photo, a small dose of lip filler to the right lateral aspect of your upper lip may be beneficial. This would best be done about 2 weeks after your initial anti-wrinkle injection treatment in order to be able to assess the full amount of lateral upper lip eversion achieved.

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Lip augmentation, fillers

Fillers is used to correct lip asymmetry. In your case, it can also be used to give volume to the lateral areas of the lips. Botox, Xeomin, and thread lifts can be used to correct the down turned mouth corners. Threads would last much longer. 

Lip fillers

Yes, fillers can help manage facial asymmetry, including asymmetry of the lips.  A small amount of soft filler on each side of your upper lip will make them look fuller without changing the over all shape of your mouth.  Botox or Xeomin, both cause muscle relaxation, will definitely help with downturned corners of the mouth.  This is a very common application for those medications.  Good luck with  your treatments!

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