What is the difference between Juvederm vs Stylage for lip injections?

I am not finding much information about Stylage online. I live in Canada and the clinic I am going to offers Stylage for lip augmentation.

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Comparing Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

I am quite fortunate that I have active practices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and a satellite facility in Israel. And very fortunately for me, in the latter, I have access to many more families of hyaluronic acid fillers than in the States, since the governmental regulatory agency in Israel, like its European Union and Canadian counterparts clearly has a far more efficient and streamlined regulatory agency approval process. (The vast majority of injectable filling products eventually do get FDA approval, however, this usually takes about six or more additional years, essentially disenfranchising U.S. physicians and their patients from whole families of products for years). Unfortunately, this means that while their European, Canadian and Israeli counterparts are routinely treating their patients with these products,  American physicians must attend foreign conferences to simply didactically (mostly no hands-on training) learn about what will very likely eventually years later make it to the U.S. market).

Each company generally produces a whole family of injectable products. The Restylane family or the Juvederm family in the U.S. each have only two or three products available, whereas abroad there may be seven members to each family. Each company produces products with differing physical properties, such as particle sizes, elasticity and viscosity, that are designated for particular purposes. To use an American example, Juvederm Ultra may be used for finer lines, Juvederm Ultra Plus for the body of the lips, and Juvederm Voluma for nonsurgical cheek augmentation. And it pretty much works the same for all companies.

Hence, there are products in the Stylage family designated for the lips, to answer your several questions, and there are those for cheeks, etc. The same for Revanesse. You really shouldn't have much problem doing an internet search under each brand. Each experienced practitioner has his/her favorites across different families for each treatment site. As an example, I prefer Stylage XXL for cheeks, and Princess Volume for the body of the lips, and Belotero Balance for fine lines and Teosyal Redensity II for under the eyes.

I hope this answer clarifies some of the issues you may have about the various injectable filling agents. The most important thing is that you seek consultation and treatment by board certified aesthetic physician with experience and expertise in (in your particular case) nonsurgical lip augmentation with fillers and that you make certain to ask to see his/her before and after photos. 

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