I Am Torn Between the Terino Square Chin Style 1 and the Terino Square Chin Style 2? (photo)

Does anyone have experience working with both of these implant types? My goal is a strong masculine jaw line and a well defined chin. I am also having lypo on my neck and chin to get rid of my double chin. My surgery is in 6 weeks. I have decided to go with a large implant. You can see in my pics my profile is lacking. I am looking for that chiseled jaw Hollywood chin..

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Style 1 vs Style 2 Square Chin Implant Augmentation

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The difference between a style 1 vs style 2 square chin implant is 1 cm. (4.5 cm vs 5.5 cms) A style 1 square chin implant usually makes for a conservative width increase and most men are better off with a style 2 if they desire a stronger look. As a general rule, the squareness off the chin should not exceed the distance between vertical lines dropped down from the corners of the mouth. Take that width measurement between these vertical lines on yourself and you will have your answer.

Type of chin implant is often a matter of preference

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A Terino I implant would be expected to produce less horizontal width and a slightly less square chin but more anterior projection, whereas the Terino II will produce a wider, more square jaw contour.  The actual size of the implant is best determined at surgery with sizers.  A large implant may work best for you, but then again, maybe you would need extra large.  Discuss your specific goals with your surgeon along these lines, and get his suggestion about the type of implant to best meet your goals.  Sometimes photos of desired chin shapes, while not an exact "go by, " can give some visual frame of reference for the type of chin you like as you discuss with your surgeon.  Good luck.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Chin implant sizes and shapes

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  The size of the implant will determine much more of a cosmetic result  than the actual type of the implant in this particular scenario. There is a slight amount of difference between a type I and type II,  then just a type II we'll give you more of a square jaw appearance.   The neck liposuction will also help define the jawline as well

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