Do Facial Implants Last for Life?

I'm interested in getting custom made jaw and chin implants but I am worried that there might be constant maintenance involved. I'm scared that they might continually need to be replaced periodically because of implant shifting and getting larger one placed due to bone resorption. Has there ever been any cases of significant bone resorption in facial implants? Has this problem been solved with the advent of today's custom made ones or does bone resorption still occur with custom made implants?

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Facial Implants Are Lifelong Medical Devices

From a materials standpoint, most facial implants are made of a medium durometer silicone elastomer material that will never degrade or break down. The much discussed issue of bone resorption (technically implant settling) under implants has little to no clinical significance that has no cosmetic impact regardless of whether it is a standard preformed or custom-designed implant.

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Do Facial Implants Last for Life?

 Yes, facial implants do last for life and should not require any maintenance.  I have performed many chin and cheek augmentations with implants but do not offer jaw implants as they have an increased incidence of complications in my opinion.  You should not require a custom chin implant and the jaw can be augmented with Radiesse injections once a year without issue.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Do Facial Implants Last for Life?

Facial implants do last for life regardless of whether or not there were custom and minimal bone loss under those implants always occurs. Over the past 35 years I've never seen that absorption cause a significant cosmetic problem that required replacement of the implant.

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Facial implants last forever

Once facial implants are inserted in the proper anatomical position they are there for life. Date should not be shifting  or migrating once the  healing process has taken place. Bone  resorption does occur with all implants,  due to  the implant laying directly over the bone. Custom-made implants will still give bone erosion.

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Do Facial Implants Last for Life?

Bone resorption can occur but typically does not result in any issues nor does it often necessitate removing the implant and placing a larger design. Your facial implant results should provide you with permanent improvement. The only caveat is that significant facial aging can result in fat atrophy and sagging of the facial skin which means while the implant augmentation will be permanent the external result might change over time. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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